Frozen Food business

Just-made, delicious meals for your table

Just-made meals delivered
straight to your table

Peacock’s frozen food business started from scratch, which enabled us to perfect our process through numerous trials and make a unique Peacock flavor and brand. Choosing only the best vegetables and selecting the best sweet bean paste and flour, we developed our own unique frozen food produce. In our shops, it is easy to adjust the heat when cooking our food, but in a factory where the food is mass produced, a different brapproach is required. Knowlegde of how heat is transferred and the particular characteristics of starch is essential to make Takoyaki crispy on the outside and moist in the center.

Deliciousness delivered nationwide, always guaranteed

The Peacock Brand guarantees delicious,
good quality food

Peacock’s frozen food section delivers guaranteed quality food. We always make our customers smile.


The reason why our frozen food is so delicious:
A three stage system to keep our food fresh and delicious.

Peacock’s hygiene quality control ensures your family can enjoy our food knowing it is safe.

品質管理 HACCPに対応したISO22000認定工場

認定工場 小国工場

In order to produce safe and trustworthy products, various management systems are in place. Peacock is constantly improving the quality of its product through facilities maintenance, water quality management, maintenance of the machinery, insecticide management, materials management, employee education, manufacturing controls, and hygiene instruction. 

衛生管理 安心のおいしさを追求し、徹底した工場内の衛生管理

Peacock is responsible for all of our products from the time we receive the raw materials until we deliver our product to our customers. We maintain strict quality control in order to keep producing safe and reliable products.
All of the people involved in the production of our products, from factory workers though to our drivers, are subject to our strict quality control systems.

人材管理 クレーム0をめざして~衛生教育テストとQC活動

Peacock also has a skill-up system to improve our employees’ knowledge and ability in areas such as food law and quality control.
We train our staff so that they can imagine our customers eating our finished product.