Fast Food Business

Peace of mind, Safety and Deliciousness throughout Japan

Peacock studied quality control systems from  ISO9001 for 3 years (2010-2013). We then used that system as a base, while adding our own original quality control systems. Peacock does its utmost to provide safe and delicious food to all our shops.

The Japanese festival taste brings back memories of home.

The smells of the festival bring back childhood memories.
Festival time was a time to look forward to every year.
Everyone remembers that feeling of joy and excitement.
Nowadays, children can experience the same feeling when they go to the supermarket. Peacock works hard to bring a smile to people’s faces. We aim to keep making Japanese style fast food which is safe and delicious. 

About Peacock’s Shops

Peace of Mind,Safety and Deliciousness triyghout Japan

Peacock started their fast food business 42 years ago. It has also produced frozen food products for 22 years. We have sold 2,000,000,000 octopus balls in that time. Peacock’s business model is to first run our own shop and then sell them on to a franchise owner. We have our own manual and follow-up support system which are highly regarded by franchise owners. Peacock has a good reputation for establishing good working relationships with their franchise owners. This is why we can keep producing high quality products.